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Rare Bear Project

The #RareBearProject . . .

is all about supporting our community. From providing support to our Rare families, to creating jobs and income generating opportunities to the woman of Kya Sands. 100% of our income goes straight back into this project.

For every donation of R180, R120 is paid to the creator of the bear, and R60 is placed into improving the marketing platform and distribution of the overall project to ensure sustainability.

The #RareBearProject is a community upliftment program under Rare Diseases South Africa NPC. Rare Diseases South Africa NPC is a registered NPO and PBO which aims to assist rare disease patients receive access to life-saving treatment and supportive care for improved quality of life.

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Rare Bear Project

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Meet Siyabonga

Welcome to our newest Rare Bear Baby! On the 25th of August, just after 7:30 am, the Rare Bear ladies WhatsApp group lit up with messages of excitement!...
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Meet Lara

Meet Lara, our amazingly brave #RareWarrior of the day. She received a lion #RareBear from Vivienne Barrish, and she has #PrimaryImmunodeficiencyDisorder Primary immunodeficiency disorders — also called primary...
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Looking for Old Clothes!

Do you have clothes sitting in your cupboard that you have been saving for your “skinnier days”? Or some that still have tags on them? Do you have...
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What do the sales of our Rare Bears mean?

What do the sales of our Rare Bears mean? And how are we empowering our ladies to continue getting their strength & independence back? It means that we...
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